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Deer meat, reindeer, venison

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Location: Moscow (Exporting from Moscow)

Posted By: sartangfish

Posted On: Apr 5th,2009 09:34 AM

Product Status: Used

Sample Available: yes

Unit Price: $ 15.00

Minimum Order: 10

Shipping Cost: $ 5000.00

FOB Cost:

Payment Mode: Bank Transfer

Listed Categories: Home > Food & Beverage

Product Images: Deer meat, reindeer, venison

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Product Details: Deer meat, reindeer, venison

Company "Deer Meat Export" was founded in 2003 for manufacturing and saling deer meat (venison) for export.Deer breeding is situated in Yakutia (Republic Saha of Russian Federation), in pure ecological districts, because our meat has high standard of quality. Production is delivered in the form of the frozen hulks (bulks) without a liver, at will of the buyer is possible to saw hulks.

   The venison is high on the list on biological value and flavouring qualities among other meat products. Products from meat of a deer - delicacies in many countries.

   We offer the production under the comprehensible prices and we will try to agree with the buyer of our production concerning conditions

   Our company has the veterinary certificate, the quality certificate, the certificate of the manufacturer which confirm high quality of made production

   We have an export's experience with the countries of the Union of the Independent States, the Baltic States, now we search for new commodity markets of a venison.